April 20, 2012

demoreel 2012

I cannot include my animations from the feature film "Whitchcrafs" as the movie is not yet in the theaters :-(. Same happens with some animations I did for "Clanners" (TVE)

April 19, 2012

Having fun with Jane :)

Spy Chase from claudia bic on Vimeo.

CarBomb- FX BreakDown from Dani Pardo on Vimeo.

Thanks to Dani Pardo that rendered and made VFX for the shots

February 7, 2012

first quadruped walk with Rex :-)

My first exercice in the iAnimate.net program

November 28, 2011

trailer "Olentzero"

This year for Christmas it will be possible to see the 4th part of Olentzero, the Vask Country's Santa Claus.
It's a Baleuko production; after the première I will add my best shots to my reel, (for the moment here you can see the shots where the donkey and Olentzero are walking in the snow towards the village) but now...enjoy the movie!

November 9, 2011


This is the poster of "Brujerías", (Continental - Moonbite Games) a feature film I worked in as a character animator. A lot of fun and adventure. As soon as the trailer is available I'll upload it too.

October 9, 2011

2011 demoreel

Demoreel breakdown:

shot 1 and 2: ANIMATION - spanish shortfilm "Blue and Malone detectives imaginarios", El Viaje Imposible Producciones, Madrid.
shot 3: ANIMATION - Mac Donald's commercial, Kompost , Zurich
shot 4: ANIMATION - TV serie "Zookaboo", BRB-Screen 21, Barcelona
shot 5: ANIMATION - advanced acting, Animationmentor.com (mentors: Dana Boadway-Mike Stern)
shot 6: ANIMATION - advanced body mechanics, Animationmentor.com (mentor: George Shermer)
shot 7: ANIMATION - body mechanics, Animationmentor.com (mentor: Marlon Nowe)
shot 8: ANIMATION - introduction to acting, Animationmentor.com (mentor: Michelle Meeker)

Render: Daniel Pardo Hernández (www.3dreams.es)

May 17, 2011

Suzi Van Zoom

Finally it's here! This is an amazing commercial I worked in during my job experience at Kompost (Zurich). I animated the first two shots and the mother run cycle. I learned a lot from my collegues animators there and had a lot of fun.
Congratulations to everybody, I know they worked really hard but it worth it!
Hope you'll enjoy the video!
 Suzi Van Zoom has been nominated to the 39th edition of the Annie Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats everybody :-)

October 19, 2010

Zookaboo - screen 21

zookaboo from claudia bic on Vimeo.

Here I post some little shots taken from the episodes I animated for the TV serie Zookaboo, where I've been working in for the spanish studio Screen 21 in Barcelona.

August 15, 2010

Shortfilm LIKE CRUDE OIL (35mm)

TRAILER LIKE CRUDE OIL from Danimacion on Vimeo.

This is the trailer of the shortfilm I worked in 2008 as a producer and 2D and 3D character animator. It was the final shortfilm for the spanish cinema school ECAM (Like Crude Oil, ECAM 2008. Directed by Daniel Pardo, produced by Claudia Bic, art designer Carmen Pérez, sound design by Alfonso Hervás, music by Peter Memmer, 3D animation Daniel Pardo, Claudia Bic, Francisco Martín; 2D animation Javier Pérez Ródenas, Isabel Barrios, Claudia Bic, Bianca García, Susana Riscado, Gabriel Montoro). You can see the whole shortfilm here .

February 15, 2010

February 9, 2009

Some poses

Here I upload some poses of Stu, from Animationmentor.com

January 10, 2009

December 19, 2008

menus dvd "Like crude oil"

Some ideas for the dvd menu of my first shortfilm (produced in 2008, première january 2009)
Directed by Daniel Pardo Hernández, Produced by Claudia Bic (ECAM-escuela de cinematografía y del audiovisual de la comunidad de Madrid)


Here you can see some ideas for the poster of "Like crude oil"(4min, english,35mm), the final one is made by Daniel Pardo


October 14, 2008

cortinilla Animadrid, año 2007

"A National Topographic Special" participó en el festival de imagen animada Animadrid '07. Es un trabajo que hicimos durante el segundo año de la ECAM, escuela de cine y del audiovisual de Madrid .

Ficha técnica
DIRECCIÓN: Daniel Pardo, Claudia Bic
GUIÓN: Susana Riscado
FONDOS: Víctor Vallejos, Claudia Bic
ANIMACIÓN: Isabel De Diego, Susana Antas, Javier Pérez, Víctor Vallejos, Daniel Pardo, Guillermo G. Cotta, Claudia Bic
SONIDO: Iñaki Ruiz
DOBLAJE: José Angel de Juanes

Rough draws of my animation